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Foraged Antler & Mink Skull with Rhodochrosite & Amethyst 1/1

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****** This piece is not currently with me ((I am temporarily in California) & I will not be able to ship this piece until I return to Wyoming - approximate ship date by September 2022 at the latest*****

*This is not an authentic Native American dreamcatcher. If you wish to support a tribal artisan, I encourage you to contact the reservation nearest you & inquire about purchasing an authentic piece crafted with that cultural significance*

One-of-a-kind 16"x9" size not including hanging cord. Natural elements ethically foraged here in Wyoming

Whitetail deer shed, mink skull, & pigeon feathers all found on the property where I reside... Rough amethyst & rhodochrosite beads strung under the full moon. Handmade with reverence & positive intention🙏

I am of mixed Vietnamese, Cherokee & Scandinavian descent. Though estranged from my biological father & half my heritage, I have relished in the process of learning about these roots & honoring nature through my work. It is my great passion to immerse myself in the energies of these wild lands around me, & pay homage to the natural cycles of the universe. Each piece comes with a printed description card of each element, its interpreted spiritual significance to me, and the disclaimer included below:

In the late 70s many new age groups outside of Native American cultures began producing dreamcatchers for mass profit. Many indigenous people as well as their supporters object to the popularized image & sale of dream catchers from non-tribal members today. It is often viewed as a disrespectful exploitation of culture & affront to the history of the dreamcatcher's origins.

The first dreamcatchers are believed to have originated with the Ojibwe, & legends tell of the Spider Woman Asibaikaashi. She gave her people dreamcatchers as they spread across North America to protect them while they were far away. Mothers & grandmothers took to weaving these pieces to hang above children's beds & filter bad dreams as they slept... This tradition spread to other nations & legends adapted with them. In Lakota lore, the teacher Iktomi took the form of a spider & advised the Lakota leader to be conscious of the good & bad forces in the universe - he spun a web inside a willow hoop & told the leader that bad forces would be caught in the web, while good forces would pass through.

The Pan-Indian movement of the 60s & 70s grew in defiance of inhumane colonization & deceptive land agreements. Promoting unity among Native Americans, this movement resulted in a mass melding of cultures & the tradition of the dreamcatcher integrated into many tribes. Modern appropriation of native culture often overshadows the atrocities committed against the indigenous peoples of this land, & do an injustice to the nuance their culture & spiritual practices. It is a difficult subject to navigate, and one which some may find me unqualified to broach with such diluted ancestry. But just as the native peoples interbred during the Pan-Indian movement, and also as a result of their brutal colonization - there are so many people in this country today with mixed ancestry like myself. I find great meaning in many of the old ways of this land- such as foraging edible & medicinal plants, being mindful of sustainable practices, & creating works which inspire respect for nature. I believe in promoting ancient spiritual concepts of unity & connection to the earth.

It takes great time & care to handcraft each piece, and I do not do so lightly. My hope is that those who purchase from me may share in this sacred connection to the universe & be cognizant of the energies around us, as well as the history & complex conversations associated with this practice.

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