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Not Accepting Commissions at this time~


More than just likeness, I strive to capture personality and honor all the love, laughter, and joy that your pets bring to your life! A portrait of your pet is a delightful way to keep your beloved animal close to your heart forever. 


- Painting on 12x9 Canson watercolor paper

*Other sizes or media negotiable*

- matting/framing not included

- shipping not included

- no returns or refunds on commissioned art

- Must provide a minimum of 5 photos of reasonable quality for reference.

*Some exceptions can be made if more than 5 photos are provided, but my general "quality" definitions are as follows:

- at least medium resolution - features must be defined enough to distinguish (not blurry)

- taken at level (not from above or below)

- proportions will translate well to 2D (is it too close up? Does the nose appear far larger than the face? Etc)

- Sufficient lighting to distinguish features (if you blur your vision, do the colors appear different & not all the same shade?)

Jasmine & Bella, 12x9 watercolor pencil on paper, 2019

Sir Scoonch reference photos

Tribute to Sir Scoonch, 12x9 watercolor on paper, 2019

Ruby reference photo

Ruby as Cersei Lannister, 9x12 oil on paper, 2021

Sherman reference photo

Sherman Re-Imagined at Bryce Canyon, 9x12 watercolor pencil on paper, 2021

photoshopped collage reference photo

Winchester & Hobbes, 12x9 acrylic on paper, 2022

Photoshopped collage reference photos of Jax & Elsa

Jax & Elsa, 12x9 watercolor pencil on paper, 2021

Molly reference photo

Molly in Pinedale, 9x4.5 watercolor pencil on paper, 2021

Cleo & Musubi in the Sky with Diamonds,
2ft across, acrylic, glitter & rhinestones on oversized  fan, 2018

Xena reference photo

Xena's Summer Adventure, 12x9 watercolor pencil on paper, 2019

Sparks reference photos

Tribute to Sparks, 9x12 watercolor pencil on paper, 2019

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