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Hi! I'm Monica & I create a wide variety of artworks for nature-lovers who wish to evoke the magic of the universe in their lives✨ 


My mother first put a paintbrush in my hand when I was 2 years old, but I've always been drawn to creation in many forms! Some of my earliest memories are of tracing swirling patterns in beach sand with my fingers, or crafting houses for the fairies out of moss, flowers & sticks. Nature has always been my refuge.


Being raised a navy brat, I grew up all over the country & today recognize this as a primer for my perception of self simply as a child of humanity- my "hometown" is the earth! Being constantly uprooted wasn’t easy as a child, but it honed my ability to adapt to any circumstance and instilled a deep appreciation for exposure to different people, places, & experiences. Through early adulthood I formed the philosophy of “living fully & in the moment as a sponge for beauty, striving always toward growth” and fostered my nomadic spirit as a seasonal waitress in the National Parks. At 24 I embarked on a solo 3 month backpacking trip from Turkey to Norway in a pivotal chapter of life, & expanded my philosophies to include reconciling trauma, harnessing one’s own divine energy, & valuing the universal human experience...

Channeling these evolutions through art has been like therapy for me, and for many years I was resistant to pursue it as a career. I'd fully internalized the "starving artist" trope, and feared coming to resent my hobby might detract from my personal & spiritual development. In my most recent chapter of growth however, I’ve come to believe that my unique gifts & energy were meant to be shared with a much wider audience!


Entrepreneurship is a daunting undertaking for my old soul; I am not well versed in social media, and had dropped out of “boring” college business classes after working 5 jobs out of high school to pay my way. But I am determined to shed old limiting beliefs, & to continue pushing myself to grow toward new heights in business & personal development! Though painting in oils or acrylics is often my comfort medium, I also enjoy ink painting, drawing, and sculpting with clay. As an herbalist & forager I love to wildcraft materials such as lichens, flowers, deer sheds, minerals & animal bones for my work, crafting whatever things come through that sacred artistic channel. Keeping this close connection with the land is important to me and integral to my process. Dabbling in different mediums parallels my journeys through life, and this experimentation often propels my evolving philosophies & growth as a person...


Now that I am living in a city, my goal is to become a prominent figure in the Denver visionary art scene - to get into more galleries, expand my audience, & eventually write & illustrate a children's book. In the meantime I am sharing my skills with others by leading paint & sips,  as well as painting faces, doing pop-up shows & markets, and anything else creative I can to get by.


Through sharing my art & human experience, I hope to inspire others to connect with themselves, with nature, with the universe, and become beacons of inspiration themselves for authentic living & raising the collective vibration!💓 🌎 ✨ 

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